10 things you’ve always wondered about humans, explained.



1. Why do women test perfume on their wrists?

In order to smell perfume it has to be vapourised using heat, and as there are lots of blood vessels just under the skin surface of the wrist it is a warm part of the body where the perfume will vapourise quickly.

2. Cocaine can enter the bloodstream by being sniffed, so why can’t diabetics inhale Insulin instesd of having to inject it?

To pass into the blood vessels in the nose drugs must pass through the thin epithelium lining the nasal passages, but drugs which are not fat soluble cannot pass through the phospholipid bilayer of cells, and as Insulin is not fat soluble (whereas cocaine is) it wouldn’t be able to pass through the nasal cells to enter the bloodstream.

3. Why have we not selected against and eradicated genes from the human genomw which cause ageing?

In order for genes to be passed on, the orgnism must reach reproductive age, so any characteristics, and therefore genes, which help the organism to survive so it can breed will mean the organism is more lkely to survive and pass those genes on. However, genes which cause ageing have no affect upon the survival of the species as these characteristics are only expressed after reproduction.

4. Why does one year seem longer to a child?

Time is relative. A child of 10 will think a year is very long as it is 10% of all the time they’ve lived so far, but to a 50-year-old one year is only 2% of  all the time they’ve lived, so as one year is a much larger proportion of a child’s life it appears much longer to them, and this is also why time appears to speed up as we get older.

5. If humans are so sophisticated why to we only have 46 chromosones when some plants such as ferns have around 1320?

Numbers of chromosones have nothing to do with sophistication, rather they are indicator of the age of the species. As ferns have been evolving for millions of years they have experienced more mutations in their chromosones which has led to an increase overall in the number of chromosones.

6. Why is milk white when tears and sweat are colourless?

It is simply down to the fact that milk contains fat forming a white-coloured emulsion whereas sweat and tears only contain mainly water and salts.

7. Why do our shins, which often suffer when we walk into something, have so little protection?

Our ancestors walked on all fours and so their shins would be on their hind legs and were rarely banged into so there was no need to protect them.

8. Why do females of other species, such as dogs, have much less painful pregnancies?

Animals who walk on four legs havethe weight of their offspring shared equally between four legs instead of two, and their backbone provides a horizontal support. As we walk on two legs the weight of the baby pulls forward, which is why many pregnant women experience severe backache.

9. Why do we have two sets of teeth?  

If we only had one set, as the jaw continued to grow during childhood, gaps would appear between our teeth as teeth cannot grow sideways, so we need a second set for when our jaw has stopped growing.

10. Why are more people dying each year from cancer nowadays, depsite huge advances in medical treatment and improving survival rates?

Vaccination has meant that very few people each year die from diseases such TB, polio, pneumonia etc and so as this has greatly increased our life expectancy, and our population is continually increasing,  more people are reaching the older age groups where cell mutations, i.e. cancer, occurs more frequently.

The Home Front Project Part 7 – Women


The role of women before World War 2 was that they were supposed to be ‘good housewives’, or if they had a career it should be either something like nursing, being a domestic servant or being a shop assistant.

During the war, many of men went away to fight, and those left behind had important jobs that kept the country running which they needed to keep.

This meant that women had to take up the jobs the men away fighting would have done. Women took jobs amongst other things as mechanics, engineers, builders, ambulance drivers and air-raid wardens. Many volunteered for the home guard and real army even though they did not have to, unlike their male counterparts. Perhaps most famously women worked as Land Girls in the Women’s Land Army, with over 80,000 women, thanks to publicity, volunteers then later conscription, leaving the cities and taking on the vital role of farmers in the countryside. (To find out more about the WLA you could read Land Girls by Angela Huth.


Women did want to work during the war because they wanted to do whatever they could to help win the war, and help bring home their husbands and sons safely. They also wanted to prove to the men that women are just as good as men for doing any sort of job and those women can and should be trusted.

This helped change the views of many men about women and the type of work they could do, as women showed that they could do the same jobs just as well as the men and their effort in the war was invaluable.


Women also adapted to the rationing of clothes by embracing the make-do-and-mend culture, for example a new dress could be sewn from old curtains or even cloth potato sacks, and instead of stockings or tights a black line could be drawn up the leg to create a fake seam so it appeared that she was wearing some, and therefore she would have more coupons to spend on other items of clothing.

Die Welt der Musik #1

Meines Erachtens ist Musik eine der besten Methode, eine Fremdsprache zu lernen, weil man die Lieder genieβen kann, und gleichzeitig kann man auch unterbewusst viele Wörte lernen. Meine Deutschlehrerin hat mir an die Prinzen herangeführt. Sie schreiben und vortragen lustige Lieder über die deutsche Regierung und Gesellshaft, zum Beispiel ,Millionär’ und ,Küssen verboten’.

Letzes Jahr haben meine Klasse eine Hausaufgabe bekommen, wo wir eine eigine auf deutsch geschriebene Lied vortragen müssen. Ich habe gewählt, eine Lied von Die Prinzen zu verändern, die Deutschland heiβt. Hier gibt es meinen Songtext; die originale Lied befindet sich hier.



Frauen, Frauen…


Natürlich muss ein’ Frau ein’ herrlich’ Göttin sein

Sie hat blonde Haare, ist ziemlich klein

Sie ist die stärkste Frau auf dieser Welt

Sie ist rücksichtlos, sie hat viel Geld

Die Alerrbesten in Schönheitswettbewerben

Jeder Mann möchte sie sofort kennenlernen

Andere Frauen warden sie immer beneiden

Sie woollen ihre Stil und ihre Kleidungen

Jeder kann sie nachahmen, wenn sie das woollen

Sie ist das beste Vorbild auf dieser Welt


Frauen, Frauen…


Zu haus hat sie bestimmt die Hosen an

Und zwar, dass ihr Mann nie gut genug sein kann


Fast alles sind Frauen, fast alles seid ihr

Des gibt niemanden anders –nur ihr, nicht mich

Fast alles sind Frauen, das seid ihr alles

Sie hassen und betrügen dich


Frauen, Frauen…


Sie ist besonders rechthaberisch, es ist nicht immer leicht

Um mit ihr zu sprechen, braucht man mehr als viel’ Zeit

Sie hätte gern Millionen von Dienern

Wenn sie zehn Kinder von Kenia adoptiert

Ich bin sicher, für mich gibt es bestimmt nur eine

Jetzt kann ich echt sagen: ,Sie ist meine!’


Mein, mein…


Fast alles sind Menschen, fast alles sind wir,

Es gibt niemanden anders, nur ihr und mich

Fast alles ist Menschen, das sind wir alles

Sie lieben und kümmern sich um dich                


Welchem deutschen Gruppen mögen Sie? Haben Sie eure eigine Lied geschrieben? Gib mir Bescheid!