Procrastination: 5 things to do instead of work

1. Watch a video about procrastination! Ironically one of the teachers at school found this video whilst procrastinating from planning the assembly where we were shown this video…


2. Watch another video about procrastination, this time in song format 🙂 If my life had a theme tune, this probably would be it!


3. Write a letter to your future self (or your friends) using FutureMe. You can send an email to anytime from a day to 50 years in the future (although you won’t recieve the email if you change email adresses which is why’s version let’s you create a profile so you can change the recipient’s adress). You can also read some of public future emails ranging from the inspirational to the absolutely ridiculous.


4. Join the battle over at The Most Awesomest Thing Ever  to help boost your favourite things’ rankings in the all time awesomest things list by choosing your favourite of thing 1, e.g. Minecraft or thing 2, e.g. Pokemon. We’ve definitely got our priorities straight as both time travel and the internet are ranked above life as the most awesomest things ever…


5. Plan how you’re going to survive the zombie apocolypse now using Map Of The Dead. It’s essentially google maps but what makes it stand out is that it shows you where in the world zombie activity is likely to be highest as well as showing you the locations of nearby gun stores, hospitals, warehouses, petrol stations etc so you can plan your raids for supplies.


Stop Horsing Around!


One of the funniest news stories I’ve heard of late is the so-called ‘disgusting’ revelation that some of Tesco’s beef burgers contain horse meat. And? I for the life of me cannot see any reason to join in people’s outrage! Okay, there is the issue of labelling, in that it probably would have been a good idea to mention on the packaging that the burgers did in fact contain horse meat, but why should we care? Meat is meat, the burgers obviously cooked, looked and tasted like any other standard supermarket burgers otherwise this story would have emerged long ago.

I think the issue here is that some, and by some I am talking about the very small minority of people, do not know where their food actually comes from. Ask a child of about 3 years old where milk comes from and there is a good change their reply will be a shop.

During the Second World War, and many decades beforehand, we were more than happy to chomp away on horse meat, it being one of the few things that didn’t come under rationing. At a time when horses were all around us and used as our main mode of transport it was understood that the animal would be looked after for its working life then when it eventually passed away it would supply a few meals for its owners. 

Nowadays people see a ‘cute’ animal on a menu and automatically refuse to eat it. It’s similar to how funding for conservation works; nobody cares about ‘ugly’ animals or bugs, even though they are vital for the survival of an ecosystem, but say that you want to protect leopard cubs or baby monkeys and you’ll be guaranteed the funds you need. We’ve gone from viewing certain animals as good workers that will provide a good source of food when they die, to adoptive human children that we need to treat as we would a person and stroke and love. Ironically, although we can’t bring ourselves to eat horses, we don’t mind selling our dead horses to the continent where they are more than happy to devour them.

I don’t understand why the issues lies solely with horses though, lambs could be considered cute yet we love eating them on a Sunday with a large helping of mint sauce, we’ll eat rabbit at expensive restaurants yet they’re the sweet little creatures we have as pets.

Everyone just needs accept that animals will die and it is such a waste to not exploit a great natural resource of fur, fat and meat.

Should you pay for a night in the cells?

police cell

I was quite intrigued at the newly elected police comissioner David Lloyd’s idea to charge anyone who spends a night in the cells. Firstly, it was quite ammusing to hear that he’d asked his constituency for their opinions on the plans before even finding out if it would be legal! Somehow I feel that delightful piece of legislation called the human rights act would quickly put at stop to any such brainwaves after a quick once over by lawyers (not that I’m completely against it, but the current version needs improvement as it is prone to abuse, although why anyone really has a right to anything I do not know, but that’d best be argued in a seperate post methinks).

The second reason this story instantly grabbed my attention is that he said on radio station LBC that a charge of £400 would be sufficient. £400?! I’ve been looking at hotels in paris recently and that much money would get me 2 nights for 2 people in a double room plus breakfast in a 4 start hotel mere metres from the centre of the city! So why on earth one night in a 6 by 8 foot concrete box wiith only a thin matress for comfort would be equivlant to such a price tag beats me.

Then there’s the moral issues. What if the person was later found innocent of whatever crime they were arrested for? Should they still have to pay? Common sense would say no. What if the person cannont afford to pay or is on state benefits? Perhaps a suitable alternative would be a set number of hours of community service. Yet this leads to the question of whether a blanket charge should be used, or if a tiered charge would be more appropriate, because £400 to someone on £50,000+ a year is nothing compared to the same charge for someone who earns something close to the minimum wage, and how many hours of community service would this equate to? Should parents have to pay if their under 18 children spend a night there? Maybe you straight away think yes, but why should they be punished when they didn’t do anything? Although parents are responsible for their children, short of permanently locking them in their rooms, there is not a lot they can do about how their child behaves in their absence.

Furthermore, is it right to punish someone twice for the same thing, which is effectively what this charge is? Yes, it may be a deterrant from relatively minor crimes like being drunk and disorderly, but not only do those arrested have to suffer once by staying in uncomfortable conditions overnight, they then must pay for the privelege! Okay, they may deserve it, but I thought it the 21st century we are better than the times when we’d enjoy burning people at the stake.

Lastly, it could, sadly, be used by a few poice officers and council members (anyone who believes there are large organisations in the world without at least one corrupt member must be kidding themselves) as a money making scheme in these austere times. Admittedly the money would go straight back into the police budget, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. A better way to increase the budget would be to go directly to the government, even if the chances of success are slim, but if enough people signed a petition for it then it might stand a chance of being heard.

So, what do you think about this scheme? Are you glad someone has thought of it or do you have your doubts?

2013! :D

Firstly, I’d just like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! And also thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog, I’m surprised how well it’s done in such a short time, so for my first (well, second if you count the stats thing :p) post of what I hope to be a fantastic year, I thought I’d share with you my New Year’s Resolutions:


5 Minutes of German EVERY DAY: I tried this one last year and failed after about 2 weeks, which was admittedly quite an achievement (for me, at least) as my target last year was 20 minutes a day, but hopefully with the more reachable target of listening to a song or reading ashort article I might actually be able to get the A or A* I desperately want in the summer. (Although I sincerely hope my german teacher isn’t reading this!)


RAOK: Lately I’ve been helping out my parents more, much to my revision’s detriment, but there is no better gift than that of kindness, so even when I’m really stressed and tired I’ll do my best to forget about my problems and simply smile and be nice, even if it causes me great pains to do so! A challenge indeed!


Health Kick: My latest tactic of skipping lunch wasn’t the most successful, but I’ve already managed to go 3 whole days without coffee! Not that I’m addicted, I just have so many new syrups and flavoured coffees that I’ve been having 2 or 3 cups a day, which really isn’t good, so here’s to a year of less chocolate and coffee and strawberry ribeana squash (which I admit I really am addicted to! It’s soo good though, you should try it 🙂 )


Blogging: Lastly, and probably most importantly for you, beloved reader, is that I am going to try REALLY hard to post at least 3 times a week (i.e. every other day when I can) and none of this holiday slacking! This’ll be tough with all my January exams so I’m not going to set a minimum length, but I hope it’ll get me some regular followers to build a little community here on tis blog 🙂

So it remains for me to wish you a fabulous new year, and here’s to a fresh start 🙂

Not bad for 3 months!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Okay, I think I can read your mind, and this is my prediction for the answer to the question I’ll ask you in a minute (DON’T CLICK IT YET THOUGH!)

All you have to do is read through the following questions as quick as you can and then answer them as quick as you can, preferably out loud. Ready? Here we go;

3 + 4 = ?

2 + 5 = ?

1 + 6 = ?

4 + 3 = ?

7 + 0 = ?

6 + 1 = ?

5 + 2 = ?

0 + 7 = ?

Think of a vegetable.

Now, click on the link to my prediction at the top of this post. Was I correct?

If not, you’re just too imaginative! This trick also worls well with colours; when you ask someone a few quick-fire questions then tell them to name a colour, it will more likely than not be red that they say.

Try it for yourself – it’s a great joke to wind up your friends with!

The Square Puzzle

Start with an 8 x 8 grid:

Next, enter the number 1 into any box in the grid of your own choice.

You have now got to move around the grid as a knight piece does in chess; you can only move 2 squares up/down then 1 square left/right or vice versa.

Number consecutively each box you land on.

Here’s an example;

From this you can see I placed the 22 in the wrong box – if I had chosen one of the other 3 possibilities I could have continued.

So, can you fill all 64 boxes?