My name’s Rebecca, I’m 17, and I am currently completing my A-levels in a grammar school in the UK. I’m studying Biology, Chemistry, German, Maths, Further Maths, and everyone’s favourite; General Studies.

On this blog I’m hoping to share my knowledge I’ve gained from both my GCSEs and A-levels, write about my hobbies, sharing my tips and ideas, as well as voice my general ramblings from time to time.

I hope to study Natural Sciences or Biochemistry at University, and I am looking into careers including medicine, medical research and teaching.

I also make weekly posts on my friend’s german blog; machtdassinn.wordpress.com

Disclaimer: all images belong to their rightful owners unless stated that they are my own, no copyright intended.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ich liebe deinen Blog 🙂 Ich hoffe, dass du über Deutsch schreiben wirst, ich freue mich schon darauf!

    Er wird mir helfen 🙂

    • Vielen Dank! Morgen beabsichtige ich, ein auf deutsch geschriebenes Blogeintrag über entweder deutsche Musik oder ein Gedicht von Goethe zu schrieben 🙂 Es wird mir auch helfen, da, wie sie sagen; ,,Übung macht den Meister”!

  2. Hi, Rebecca! I love your posts on the war. Are you drawn to the WW2 era, like I am?

    And what made you decide on German?

    All the best with your studies! 😀

    • Hello 🙂 I wouldn’t say drawn (I can never pick favourites!) although I do always find it really interesting 🙂 Oh I chose German as my fouth subject as we were advised to pick 3 subjects we need for Uni plus a ‘fun’ subject xD Thank you!

  3. Nice blog, Rebecca..

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