Amazon Project part 6: Conclusion

amazon rainforest

Now, in some parts of the Amazon, Logging companies are being more selective and careful about the trees they want to cut down and the best way to do it without doing to much damage. More companies are replacing the trees they cut down with more rarer and valuable species such as mahogany.

As individuals, there is a lot we can do to help the situation. First, do not order expensive mahogany and other wood to make furniture- do you really need it. Be more careful with the amount of paper you use. The average family uses about seven trees worth of paper and cardboard each year. Re-cycle all the packaging and use paper and other products like wood sparingly. Turn off the heating and put on a jumper, do not leave things on standby unless you have to and turn things off when you are not using them and do not need them. This saves tress from being burnt to make your electricity.  

International ecotourism groups such as Tie’s are working with people worldwide in places like Lebanon. They promote sustainable tourism to remote villages. Eco-tourism is sustainable tourism. You can go on holiday to a less well off country like Lebanon as well as many destinations across the Globe. As you can see from the map below, there are projects worldwide. On these trips, you can visit indigenous people and learn about their culture. You can find out their point of view and how they are affected. This gives you a great holiday, a new experience and all without doing a great deal of damage to the environment. Some of the money you pay goes to these people and they can use it to survive. It will give them food and clean water and teach language and friendship skills they can use in the outside world.

National parks are springing up across the tropical rainforests. Parks such as the Jaú National Park protect the rainforest from loggers, miners and farming. They have a great range of biodiversity and help endangered species with special breeding programmes. These parks help save and re-grow the rainforest to its former glory. Here scientist can study the affects of what is happening, and they can study and discover potentially life-saving cures.

In conclusion, if we all work hard, there is still some hope. If we all work together, we can try to save this planet and stop the rainforests of the world from being destroyed.  The planet can stay looking like this…

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