Modulus Algebra (FP2 Complex Numbers)

Modulus algebra is something that is not taught in any of edexcel’s textbooks but is rather assumed knowledge so here’s a little example if you get stuck like me when the mark scheme doesn’t explain the working step by step!

3 = [2i/w -3i]

3 = [(2i – 3iw)/w]

3 = [2i – 3iw]/[w] This means exactly the same as the line above except now you can move [w] to the other side

3[w] = [2i – 3iw]

3[w] = [2 – 3w][i] By looking at an Argand diagram it’s easy to see that [i] = 1

3[w] = [2 – 3w]

3[w] = [3w – 2][-1]

3[w] = [3w – 2]

3[w] = [w – 2/3][3] You could combine this step and the previous step and simply take out [-3] but I did both steps for clarity!

[w] = [w – 2/3] The solution of this is obviously a bisector of the points (0,0) and (0, 2/3) with the equation of the line being u= 1/3

I hope this has helped! If there’s any other maths questions you are stuck on please leave a comment and I’ll do a post on it 🙂


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