The Home Front Project Part 6 – Propoganda


Propaganda was the use of cleverly designed posters by the government to influence people’s thoughts and behaviors to get them to do what the Government thought was needed during the war.

The British Government used it in world war two by creating series of posters and leaflets to get people to help in the war effort.

They used a variety of slogans to help with different aspects of the war (pictures below):

–         ‘careless talk costs lives’ *

–         ‘dig for victory’

–         ‘lend a hand on the land’

–         ‘look out in the blackout’

–         ‘put that light OUT’

–         ‘make do and mend’

–         ‘v for victory’

–         ‘Hitler will send no warning’

–         ‘Britain shall not burn’

–         ‘the army isn’t all work’

–         ‘save kitchen waste for the pigs’

–         ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases’

–         ‘mothers, send them out of London’

The posters were about many things, like not talking about any information you have on the whereabouts of soldiers and missions, or letting your children be evacuated for their own safety, or how to cope in a blackout.

I think the government used posters as they can be put in many places, be easily seen and because they are eye-catching people are more likely to stop and read them, and by having them in many places and seeing them many times a day, the message would hopefully sink in and people would do as they were asked.


This poster is telling people not to discuss any information they have about the army encase it is put into the wrong hands and ends up costing lives of hundreds of service personal.

It is effective because it is quite simple n design but is very eye-catching, and the two images highlight and emphasize what the poster is trying to communicate, meaning many people would take this advice.



2 thoughts on “The Home Front Project Part 6 – Propoganda

  1. Thank you for sharing these posters! What you say is true – the government kept their posters clear and simple and, really, that’s the best way to convey a message. In my humble opinion, They should use those posters again as they teach values (such as patriotism, national security and personal safety) that people these days don’t have!

  2. Agreed, especially ones like ‘make do and mend’ which are still highly relevant considering the throw away culture. Perhaps they should put them up in schools like my history teacher did so you learn them subconsciously (you could hardly see a bare piece of wall in her classroom and now i know lots of these slogans!)

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