Procrastination: 5 things to do instead of work

1. Watch a video about procrastination! Ironically one of the teachers at school found this video whilst procrastinating from planning the assembly where we were shown this video…


2. Watch another video about procrastination, this time in song format 🙂 If my life had a theme tune, this probably would be it!


3. Write a letter to your future self (or your friends) using FutureMe. You can send an email to anytime from a day to 50 years in the future (although you won’t recieve the email if you change email adresses which is why’s version let’s you create a profile so you can change the recipient’s adress). You can also read some of public future emails ranging from the inspirational to the absolutely ridiculous.


4. Join the battle over at The Most Awesomest Thing Ever  to help boost your favourite things’ rankings in the all time awesomest things list by choosing your favourite of thing 1, e.g. Minecraft or thing 2, e.g. Pokemon. We’ve definitely got our priorities straight as both time travel and the internet are ranked above life as the most awesomest things ever…


5. Plan how you’re going to survive the zombie apocolypse now using Map Of The Dead. It’s essentially google maps but what makes it stand out is that it shows you where in the world zombie activity is likely to be highest as well as showing you the locations of nearby gun stores, hospitals, warehouses, petrol stations etc so you can plan your raids for supplies.


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