Life After Death Part 3

Christian Beliefs:


Christians believe that when you die you will be judged. If you died believing in God and Jesus, you can be forgiven for your sins and go to heaven. The main reason for believing this is because in the bible, it suggests the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus, so if he forgives you, you may get to god in heaven. If you are a different religion or do not have one you will automatically go to hell even if you were the nicest person on the planet.

Some Roman Catholics still believe in purgatory unlike Protestants. This is because a Pope long ago talked about it and as Protestants were against the Pope, they didn’t believe it.  The Pope said if you are not yet good enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go to hell you will be sent to purgatory.  Purgatory is like a waiting room to get to heaven, where you will work off your sins until you are good enough to go to Heaven.  

Christians also believe in resurrection. Jesus was resurrected as he came back to life. Some believe your soul escapes and will be rejoined with your body and resurrected at the end of the world.

Islamic Beliefs:



Muslims believe when people die, they stay on the earth. On the last day of existence, everyone is called to the plain of Arafat. God will then judge you on how you live your life.  Muslims who were good will go to heaven first. Then one by one, the different religions get to go to heaven. Finally, the very bad people and the people who did not have a religion can go to heaven.  So everyone reaches heaven eventually, but you must stay in hell for a while until you work off your sins. Life is a test so if you are good you will pass the test quicker.


I like this idea and think it is fair because everyone will go to heaven eventually, even if you were bad or of another religion – you will just have to stay in hell until your work off your sins, so when you are truly sorry and have proved it, you may be with God.


This is similar to Christianity and protestant beliefs because if you are good and believe you can go to heaven.  It is similar to Roman Catholic beliefs because most people can go to heaven. It is different because everyone can get to heaven eventually and on the last day of existence god calls you to the plain of Arafat, unlike Christianity where you are judged as soon as you die.



I would like to believe in life after death because it is hard to think one day you are there, in the world, and the next day you are gone. It is nice to think there is something out there and death is not the end.

I think Islam is better than Christianity because if you are a different religion in Christianity or not sure what to believe, you are automatically put in hell for eternity which isn’t fair for those who contributed a lot to society.  In Christianity and Islam, you only get one chance at life so in one respect, I prefer Hinduism and Buddhism.

I think Hinduism is slightly better than Buddhism because in Hinduism, you learn from your mistakes and your final reward is heaven. Some people would like Buddhism more because once you have escaped the Samsara, there is nothing, you are blown out like a candle.

I like Islam because God thinks everyone deserves to go to heaven eventually even if they are bad or a different religion so this shows understanding.  Hinduism lets you work your way up to heaven giving you a real sense of achievement.

I think believing in life after death whether you have a religion or not is better than not believing in it because you have a target to focus on and gives you hope and support for the future. It makes us all different and yet the same.  Just because some people don’t believe doesn’t mean you can’t believe in it.

In conclusion, there may or may not be life after death as there is not enough proof for either side. I say it is better to believe and be wrong as it gives you hope and comfort, and if we are all right, there will be a reward in the form of heaven waiting.  


One thought on “Life After Death Part 3

  1. I personally believe that none of these religions state that if you do not belong to that religion you will go to hell. It’s only the radical, orthodox clergies and misinformed followers spread such words. Religions are just different ways to reach the same God.

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