Consequences of rainforest exploitation (Amazon project part 5)


Due to these activities, everything is affected. The natives that live in the forest are fighting for survival. Logging companies are cutting down dense areas of forest and only leaving small pockets of not very dense forest. This means they cannot hunt for food, and many of the tropical plants they use to store food eat and use as medicines are all being cut down. Cutting down trees affect their water supply, instead of being pure and fresh mineral water it becomes muddy and useless. This is because there are no trees so rain hits the ground directly. This pulls mud from the top soil into the rivers. This means the natives have no clean water to drink or to wash with. The fish struggle to live in that dirty water and many species could be wiped out. The natives would have nothing to eat. The natives have to heavily rely on getting supplies from the outside world, but they do not have enough money to get what they need.  They have to become farmers, but their crops do not sell at a high enough price. These markets where they buy and sell supplies could be miles away and the only way to get to them is by a long trek by foot that could last for days, or they would have to row all the way and risk the dangers of the water such as wild animals. They cannot move any closer to the markets as the land is already being used for farming, mining or logging. We are killing of the indigenous people of the forest. 


Not only are the natives affected, plants and animals are affected too. By cutting down the trees, we are killing off the animals of the forest. The tall trees in the canopy provide food and shelter for a wide range of species including monkeys and lizards. Without this home, they cannot survive. Other groups often reject any animals that do survive and escape to another part of the forest. The animals cannot drink any fresh water because the rainwater hits the soil directly and washes mud into the river. This causes the animals to catch diseases. This could wipe out whole species in no time. There are still thousands of species that could help us learn more about the world, but scientists are not getting the chance to find these animals. After the trees are cut down, the nutrients and water cycles are broken. This means in a few years the land will become wasteland and practically useless. There are plants out there, which we have not discovered, and yet they are being cut down and the whole species is being made extinct. These plants could hold the keys to curing diseases such as aids and cancer, but scientists are not being given the chance to find these plants. These plants could save hundreds or even thousands of people each year. This means one day, if a loved one becomes seriously ill, we will not have a cure that will definitely cure them, and we are all putting ourselves in danger. When logging companies leave some trees because their value is not worth the effort or time to cut down when there are lots of more valuable trees, those trees may die as well because they get damaged whenever another tree is cut down. More animals will be affected.  Dragging the trees down the river by using a boat to tow them affects the wildlife in the rivers because animals may get caught in-between them and die.

There is a serious global threat partly due to with the way we live and partly due to the cutting down of the rainforests worldwide. As we all know, plants take in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and use it to keep them alive and in return, they give out oxygen-essential for our survival.  However, we are cutting down all of the trees and burning an awful lot of them. This produces a lot more carbon dioxide as well as other harmful gasses. As there are even less trees to absorb this carbon dioxide, a lot more escapes into our atmosphere and rises up to form a protective layer around the Earth, as explained in the diagram below.


When the sun’s rays hit the Earth, as usual, most of that energy is absorbed by the Earth to heat it up. The problem is, normally, some of those rays are not needed and are reflected back towards the sun. Now, because of excessive amounts of Carbon dioxide, these rays are reflected from the earth to the atmosphere, but the rays cannot escape through carbon dioxide so they are reflected back to the Earth and so on.  This means the Earth is heating up by 1 degree per year. This does not sound like much, but the way we are going, it is going to increase. This sudden rise in temperature means the polar ice caps are melting at an extraordinary rate. Sea levels are set to rise by meters, and if the Thames barrier and other defences that are going to be put in cannot hold the water back, Most of England could be under water and look a bit like the picture below- part of the sea.


Animals cannot adapt in time and the natives have nowhere to go so whole species is the polar ice caps are becoming extinct.  Even the rainforests might flood with salty seawater, and no plants and very few animals would be able to survive. The whole rainforest would be destroyed and there would not be enough land for the whole population of humans to live.


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  1. A word about the first image: despicable.

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