Okay, I think I can read your mind, and this is my prediction for the answer to the question I’ll ask you in a minute (DON’T CLICK IT YET THOUGH!)

All you have to do is read through the following questions as quick as you can and then answer them as quick as you can, preferably out loud. Ready? Here we go;

3 + 4 = ?

2 + 5 = ?

1 + 6 = ?

4 + 3 = ?

7 + 0 = ?

6 + 1 = ?

5 + 2 = ?

0 + 7 = ?

Think of a vegetable.

Now, click on the link to my prediction at the top of this post. Was I correct?

If not, you’re just too imaginative! This trick also worls well with colours; when you ask someone a few quick-fire questions then tell them to name a colour, it will more likely than not be red that they say.

Try it for yourself – it’s a great joke to wind up your friends with!


2 thoughts on “Psychic!

  1. I thought of cucumber!

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