Mockingbirds – A Poem

This is a poem I wrote in about 20 minutes (I don’t know how I managed that!) during an english literature GCSE lesson. My teacher wanted us to write a poem in the style of Robert Browning’s ‘My Last Duchess‘, in that it should be composed of rhyming couplets and the rhythm should be iambic pentameter, but the content should relate to the book we were reading at the time – ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, so this is what I came up with – I hope you enjoy it!


The mockingbird sings her lone siren song,

Through the dark night and all the day long.

Up high above the hard ground she lies,

Waiting to flee in the clear morning skies.


Far away on top of a great oak stands,

A young male looking for richer lands.

Alone in the world, he now aches to be,

Anywhere but here, where green belts he’d see.


Shooting up high, he glides away due south,

As once again the girl opens her mouth,

And calls out to the barren air around,

Hoping against hope to hear a new sound.


To her luck she finds the boy’s pleading call;

Now he’s there for her in case she may fall.

Tenderly protecting during their plight;

As one they fight against all that’s not right.


Together forever now they will be,

Watching as their young fly out to rough sea,

Where they’ll discover a world oh so bright,

When exploring as darkness battles light.


Acres and acres of emerald trees,

Sway gently aside in cool afternoon breeze.

While the world spins dizzily around,

I still hold on to her sweet siren sound.


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