Study Leave: Update

Arriving home from school this afternoon I was greeted by an email confirming my fears; there will be no study leave for us in January.

What intrigued me most about the email was the fact it mentioned that Colchester Royal Grammar School doesn’t grant year 13’s time off, and despite this they’ve been top of the A-Level league table for the last 6 years. Some might simply think this means that it is a good idea if it works elsewhere, but what I read into it is that my school want to knock Colchester off of the top spot. I find it disheartening how much of what schools seem to do nowadays is aimed at either pushing themslves up the league tables or looking good for Ofsted inspections. You may think that I’m just being paranoid and the school has our best intentions at heart, but my primary school temporarily excluded the children who misbehaved the most when inspectors were around, and a govenor at my previous secondary school said that ‘At the end of the day, a school is simply a business’ which I don’t believe the education system should be. What is worse is that my year group always seems to be the guinea pigs (this change will be reviewed next year), for example many of our GCSEs were new syllabuses. My school already has a fantastic reputation, and I honestly can’t see why it needs to compete with other places when it is already so close to the top, and it is already oversbscribed with 4 or 5 applicants per place, so attracting new prospective students seems futile.

I expect many people will be skipping lessons in Janurary, and frankly I view this change as added pressure and stress we could have done without. I’m worried it’s going to jeopardise the slight chance I had of an A* in further maths – for my C3 and C4 exams I spent a good 8+ hours doing past papers the day before in preperation – you may call the excessive, but I call that insurance.

So, there’s nothing we can do but wait and see, and hope things turn out for the best.


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