Hello everyone!…

Hello everyone!
I’ve decided to start a blog because after helping with my friend Alex’s german blog (machtdassinn.wordpress.com, he also has a french blog; blogenpassant.wordpress.com, both of which I’d highly recommend you visiting if you are learning a language!) I thought it was about time I started my own. And maybe there is also the tiny motivation that my school is running a a global blog challenge, and the competitive side within me couldn’t resist. However, I’ve got stiff competition from my peers, as I attend one of the top grammar schools in the UK, and already some exceptionally bright people, like Alex, have well established academic blogs.
So instead I want to make this blog not only my new hobby, but also a revision tool for myself and others, by posting handy notes, hints and tips in regards to my A-Level subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, German and General Studies) as well as more general topics such as UCAS and my ramblings on the education system and the like. I hope you’ll find what I post useful, and I look forward to your comments!

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